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Community Workshops

From time to time, community workshops addressing topics such as breastfeeding, postpartum depression, bereavement etc. may be offered. Check below to see what’s new!

ParentTalk Series for Parents and Infants(6 Weeks to 1 Year)

Two innovative educational events for new parents to learn together about themselves and their babies! Choose to attend on Tuesday evenings ( 6:30 PM to 7:45 PM) or Thursday afternoons (2:15 PM to 3:45 PM).

New Beginnings Series: (6 weeks to 6 months)

During this six week series you will learn insightful ways to address infant feeding and scheduling issues, crying and colic, play and learning, baby safety tips, energy secrets for tired parents and ways to make life with your baby fulfilling and interesting.

Amazing Discoveries Series: (7 months to 1 year)

In this six week series, you will discover innovative suggestions to address introduction of solid foods, establishment of bedtime routines, ways to entertain and educate your baby, what to do if your baby gets sick, how to keep your adult relationships strong and healthy and insights into preparing to return to work as a new parent.

Each session will involve discussion and dialogue along with learning activities, recommended readings and resources. Carol Hamilton RN, CPIC, BScN, MDiv, nurse consultant will facilitate these sessions. This is an opportunity for you to connect to other parents and learn together!

Cost: $60.00 for a 6 week session or both series for $100.00 (12 sessions)

Pre- registration is required.

Click here for more information about dates and how to register for ParentTalk!