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Breastfeeding and Postnatal Support

Why do babies not come with a ‘how-to’ manual?

There is so much to learn as a new parent. Breastfeeding is often the first skill to be acquired and it is not as easy to breastfeed as one might expect. Breastfeeding is instinctive for some moms and infants but many mothers struggle with correct positioning and latching on. Where does one turn when breastfeeding just doesn’t seem to be working? No mother should be judged by the method of feeding she provides to her infant yet many feel guilty if they give up breastfeeding.

Whether you need assistance with breastfeeding; are trying to decide what type of breast pump to purchase; require strategies on how to calm your colicky infant; need help on how to wean your baby as you prepare to return to work or are seeking information about the best time to introduce solid foods, we are here to help!

You may be facing the challenges of birthing a premature infant, experiencing more than just the baby blues, or trying to cope with loss in your life from infertility, miscarriage or loss of an infant. Whatever situation you are in, we offer one-on-one counseling in our clinic or in your home.

Call today at (519) 272-0441 or 1-800-574-2742 to find out more! You can also book an appointment online.