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The Institute for Parent and Infant Care has a wide range of books and pamphlets available for expectant parents and new families. For your convenience, we offer payment by cash, cheque or credit card (VISA or  MasterCard).

Here are our most popular titles:

Item # 011255
Dr. Jack Newmanís Guide to Breastfeeding

This book is gold for Canadians in addressing the challenges and realities of lactation. Helpful for parent and and health care professionals alike. A must read!

Cost: $21.00

Item # 011267
This Isnít What I Expected: Overcoming Postpartum Depression
By Karen Kleiman & Valerie Raskin

An insightful book filled with stories that mothers can relate to when it comes to the concerns surrounding postnatal depression. Also helpful as a resource for family members and friends who are there to support in difficult circumstances.

Cost: $21.95

Item # 011277
Your Premature Baby: Everything You Need to Know
By Frank Manginello & Theresa DiGeronimo

Parents of premature infants face many unique challenges. This book is filled with information to give them the peace of mind and practical resources to journey through this often frightening time of parenthood.

Cost: $21.95

Item # 001284
Postpartum Depression and Anxiety: A self-help guide for mothers
By Pacific Post Partum Support Society

Very often when a mother is suffering from postpartum depression, the idea of reading a long book is overwhelming. Filled with short, easy to read chapter, this has been one of the most valuable resources ever written. A must have for professionals also!

Cost: $16.95

Item # 001296
Healing a Fatherís Grief
By Medic Publishing Company

This short, concise resource is meant to address the unique issues facing fathers when a baby dies. Also helpful for those dads who hear of a work colleague or friend who has lost a baby and wants to give something that will bring hope!

Cost: $7.95

Item # 0012210
When A Baby Dies: A Handbook for Healing and Helping
By Rana Limbo & Sara Wheeler

No one wants to have this book in their library yet it has brought more hope and healing to parents and family members than any other. Short, concise chapters give the most important information needed during this crisis. This book also addresses spiritual issues often ignored. A valuable resource for health care professionals also.

Cost: $22.95

Item #0012226
Womenís Moods: What Every Woman Must Know About Hormones, The Brain and Emotional Health
By Deborah Sichel & Jeanne Driscoll

Finally, a book that takes an intimate look at how womenís mood issues change at each stage of their reproductive lives. A rare find, the authors are effective in sharing practical insights that make the journey a little easier.

Cost: $20.95

Item # 0012334
Overcoming Lactation Challenges: A Guide for Lactation Caregivers
By Carol L. Hamilton

Written primarily for nurses and midwives, the information found in this book continues to address the unique needs of lactating mothers and their infnats. A practical guide in every way!

Cost: $34.95

Item # 0012234
Nurse Entrepreneurship: Seizing the Challenge
By Carol L. Hamilton

Written specifically for nurses, this Canadian resource contains a wealth of information that is helpful for any nurse wanting to pursue independent practice. Parish nurses have also cited this as an invaluable resource. A supplementary edition is due to be published in 2011! Watch for details.

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Cost: $34.95

Contact us to place an order and to inquire about other helpful pamphlets and publications.