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Mentoring Services

Other than marriage, mentor relationships are probably the closest, most intimate and most helpful relationships one can be part of.
       ~ Fay L. Bower, DNSc, FAAN
Holy Names University, Oakland, CA

Mentorship is a method by which role-modeling is used to support professional growth and the further acquiring of knowledge which will lend itself to the end goal of greater life fulfillment - both professionally and personally. Mentorship takes place in a one-to-one relationship. Role modeling, self-directed learning, critical thinking and reflection, along with acts of advising, counselling, guiding and advocacy all form the methods by which mentoring can take place. It is imperative that mentoring occur in a safe learning environment.

IPIC Education and Counselling Services is pleased to provide the opportunity for nurses to engage in the mentoring process with Carol L. Hamilton RN, CPIC, BScN, MDiv. As a nurse leader for more than two decades, Carol brings a unique skill set to each mentoring relationship.

  • Do you want to navigate change in your nursing career?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed in your work environment and are unsure what to do or where to turn?
  • Do you need to reconnect with the reasons you became a nurse?
  • Are your struggling with family responsibilities and personal needs while also trying to work in the nursing profession?

Call us today and book a mentoring consultation (at no charge) to see if this service may be of help to you!

Local: (519) 271-9698 Toll Free: 1-800-574-2742

What happens if I call now?
Before a mentoring relationship is established, an appointment will be made for you to speak with Carol for a 15 minute consultation. This session is free of charge. This will allow time to assess your needs and goals and to establish an appropriate time frame for the mentoring to occur. In most cases, mentoring takes place in person but telephone or Skype sessions may also be arranged.

You will be asked to sign a contract agreeing to the terms & conditions of the mentoring relationship, costs involved and how billing will take place.

What fees are involved for this service?
The cost for one hour of mentoring is $90.00. Most sessions are
one hour in duration. Sessions are held in Stratford, Ontario. Telephone consultations are billed at the same rate. Fees are payable by cash, cheque or credit card. All telephone consultations must be paid by
credit card.