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Carol L. Hamilton RN, CPIC, BScN, MDiv is available to speak on a wide variety of subjects related to three areas of her expertise which include Lactation Challenges, Nursing Leadership and Nurse Entrepreneurship. Listed below are examples of the speaking topics available for your institution or conference venue.

Lactation Challenges:

  • Three Lactation Strategies for Latch-on Success
  • Overcoming Lactation Challenges: During the First Week After Birth
  • Multiple Advisor Syndrome and the Impact on Lactation Duration
  • Baby to Breast at Birth: A Realistic Approach to Lactation Initiation
  • A Plan that Works for Breast Milk Feeding

Nursing Leadership:

  • How to Treat a Staff Infection: What Nurse Leaders Need to Know
  • Mentoring as a Leadership Development Strategy
  • Nursing in a Multi-Faith Context: Nurse Leaders are There!
  • Nursing the Soul: Where was God Last Night?
  • Nurse Leadership: Applying Voice, Colour and Touch

Nurse Entrepreneurship:

  • Getting the Word Out: Effective Marketing Strategies for Nurses in Independent Practice
  • Iíve Only Just Begun: Survival Skills for the First Year in Independent Practice
  • Hitting Mid-Career Crisis: Is Independent Practice a
    Viable Alternative?
  • Seven Nuggets of Wisdom for Nurse Entrepreneurs
  • Itís A Small World After ALL: Nurses Competing in the
    Business Marketplace


This is the current fee schedule

Travel Costs:
$.40 per kilometer

Speaking Fees:
$500.00 Ė per hour up to three hours
$1,700.00 Ė Half Day (Morning or Afternoon)
$2,900.00 - Full Day

Speaking fee includes preparation time, travel time and time
spent at the event.

$.15 per page per participant

Master Copies of Handouts can be provided to be reproduced by the organization/institution at no cost. All handouts are copyrighted by IPIC Education and Counselling Services and copyright infringement is severely penalized.

Overnight Accommodation, Meals and Air Travel:
If an event is located more than 150 km from Stratford, Ontario, overnight accommodation may be required for half or full day events. This expense must be paid in addition to the speaking fee. As well, meals required as part of the time spend travelling and attending the event will also need to be reimbursed in full. If air travel is required, this is also an expense requiring reimbursement in full. These costs will be negotiated as part of the event contract.

Cancellation Fee:
In the unlikely event that the education event is cancelled after the speaking contract is signed, a cancellation fee of 30% of the negotiated speaking fee is required along with any expenses incurred to book travel by air or for accommodation deposits.

Event Contract:
It will be necessary for an event contract to be signed as part of the arrangements for Carol L. Hamilton to be booked as a speaker.

To inquire about booking an education event with Carol L. Hamilton, contact IPIC Education and Counselling Services by e-mail or by telephone at 1-800-574-2742

Biographical Sketch:

Carol Hamilton

Carol L. Hamilton RN, CPIC, BScN, MDiv is a graduate of the Faculty of Nursing, University of Toronto. She has worked in all clinical areas of Obstetrics as well as in Community Health Nursing. Since 1989, Carol has been in private practice in Toronto and more recently, Stratford, Ontario. In September 2013, she opened a private clinic –the Institute for Parent and Infant Care which provides care for families from conception to the end of the first year. Her nursing work over three decades has included counselling and educating families and she has also conducted national and international workshops and seminars for thousands of health care professionals. Carol is author of two books, Overcoming Lactation Challenges and Nurse Entrepreneurship: Seizing the Challenge.
In 2001, Carol graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master
of Divinity degree and was ordained as a minister in the Presbyterian Church. She has also received certification as a Bereavement Counsellor. In 2010, Carol
co-founded the Canadian national charity, CHANGE HER WORLD which
has been created to enable girls and women in the developing world
to be educated. She currently sits on the Board of Directors acting as vice-chair and treasurer.

Carol brings a heart of compassion and expert knowledge and wisdom to any audience she addresses. Having been a nursing leader for many years, she has much wisdom to share. Be inspired by her experience and amazing stories!